Less Harmless

Time for an update. Things didn’t go so well at the last Houston race. After rebuilding the motor that ran with the gauges pegged, we managed to screw something up royally. What I meant to say was it ran great! But we couldn’t keep the oil in. We had major leaks from the valve covers / heads that we couldn’t fix, and ended up running a mere 37 laps for the weekend.

At some point the megasquirt failed and we lost advance on the ignition. One of the throttle shafts lost it completely so we went lean on one side, and we had to put on our spare carb on Saturday night. All in all, less time on track that we’ve grown accustom to.

So – in order to try and rectify that, and to address the concerns that the Karmann Ghia will never last a full 24 hours, we’ve decided to add a second car – less harmless – that we can flog around in Louisiana.

It’s the front wheel drive bastard child of Japan, Australia, and Italy. It’s convertible, turbocharged, and it actually started and ran (poorly) before we bought it. It only set us back $350 bucks, and it’s rare enough that the interior bits should put some dough back in the budget. And we have six weeks to turn it into a race car. What could possibly go wrong?

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