Got engine?

This just in from one of the team – part of our plan is to have more than one engine in case something goes wrong, since swapping them in this car is pretty simple. So we’ve been looking for cheap engines to take to the track with us.

Master, Our plan to gain control of the market for the nasty humans “VW engines” is progressing. The nasty human we dealt with did not suspect a thing, even when I accidently switched the translator to Vogon. As planned, we approached him under the cover of darkness to avoid giving away our true natures. You were correct that their vision in the darkness is very poor. He did make the odd grimace as we’ve seen so often when we present the flat green things. It is sitting within the trailer right now and we are ready for our next acquisition.

Incidentally, Fudrup accompanied me to the humans domicile, and again, reiterated this rumor that the Emperor has no desire for VW engines and that this was just some practical joke being played on us by headquarters. I ran him through that odd contraption at the bottom of the sink a few times (after we got back naturally) that makes that delightful noise. Very satisfying.

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