2010 Gator-O-Rama Postmortem

So the deed has been done, and all the extra work we put into the car really paid off. After a few minor issues on Saturday, we kept the car on the track all day Sunday, and managed to finish in 45th position, completing almost 90 laps more than the last race! Obviously, we still have some things to iron out, but at this point, I would consider everything we’ve accomplished infinitely improbable.

The car handled incredibly well – just doesn’t have any speed on the straights. A little more horsepower and we would be chasing the nickels.

Also – we’ve been accepted for the May race at No Problem, so all you other truly craptastic cars beware. The IOE will be ours! Probably. Unless we explode, or randomly turn into a whale and a pot of petunias. Or decide to take a year off dead for tax purposes.

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